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360 Hot Yoga is 5 years old! Its a beloved yoga  & Pilates studio. We are big into community, with amazing teachers and students.  We love having fun and making each class an awesome experience! All classes are suitable for Beginners. we are a hot yoga studio, we use infared heat technology to heat the room, making it a very pleasant experience. we heat the room to 36 degrees enough to work up a good sweat! 

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the Absolute Sequence is based on Hatha and Ashtanga postures combined to build strength as well as flexibility. This 50 posture sequence is ideal for beginners, and with modifications, can also provided a challenging class for advanced students. This class is designed to provide a full body work out. The teachers at 360 will guide you through this class with fantastic energy, they will encourage you to work to 100% of you full range, but not to go to a place of pain. The temperate is 36 degrees.

Bikram Yoga is made up of twenty-six  yoga postures. This classes it suitable for all levels. It is designed to challenge the students both mentally and physically.  At 360 we offer this class but take a more holistic approach to it, as each person body is different so our teachers respect that, and will give altenative poses when necessary. The room is heated up to 36 degrees, the infared heat at 360 makes it a very pleasant experience.

Vinyasa Flow yoga brings a fluid movement between each posture. The series of yoga flows through a standard series of postures that can be adjusted and improved upon as the students ability develops.As students advance they can begin to introduce a number of Intermediate Series postures. Vinyasa Yoga can be practiced by all levels from beginners to advanced. the room is heated to 28 degrees in vinyasa flow as it builds up at lot of heat all on its own ;-)